YouTube India insider claims Google’s recent layoffs were not performance-based

A YouTube India employee has come forward claiming that Google’s recent layoffs in India were not based on performance evaluations. The employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the layoffs were a result of the company’s restructuring plans and were not related to the employees’ job performance.

Google had announced its restructuring plans last month, which involved laying off a significant number of employees in its cloud computing and other business units. The company had stated that the job cuts were a part of its efforts to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

However, the YouTube India employee’s allegations suggest that the layoffs were not solely performance-based. “It was not just about performance. People who were performing well were also let go,” the employee said.

The employee also claimed that Google had offered a severance package to the affected employees, which included a certain amount of compensation and additional benefits.

Google has not yet responded to the allegations made by the YouTube India employee. The company had previously stated that the layoffs were necessary to ensure that the company was “well-positioned for the long term.”

The job cuts have caused concern among Google employees and the tech industry as a whole, with some critics questioning the company’s motives and strategy. However, Google has maintained that the restructuring is necessary to remain competitive in the ever-changing technology landscape.

The allegations made by the YouTube India employee are likely to add to the scrutiny of Google’s layoffs and the company’s overall approach to its employees. It remains to be seen how Google will respond to these claims and what impact they will have on the company’s reputation and future plans.