YouTube now enables timed reactions to live streams

YouTube is now formally allowing all creators access to reactions. This will provide viewers with yet another chance to interact with live material and draw attention to key moments in the replay.

YouTube timed reactions

The procedure is an extension of YouTube’s “Timed Reactions” feature, which was introduced in March of last year. Users of Timed Reactions can mark a specific frame in the video playing with an emoji, which other viewers can then see.

By emphasizing the best moments, it could help to enhance viewer engagement with your replays and give you more information about what your viewers are most interested in, depending on their reactions.
Reactions will be set on by default for all channels that are suitable for live streaming, according to YouTube, but creators can turn them off for any specific stream. Initially exclusively available on iOS, YouTube has plans to soon make live-stream reactions available on other devices.

A new statistics card that displays the most popular formats watched on other channels, broken down into videos, shorts, and live, is also being tested by YouTube.

YouTube claims that in addition to making posts available on tablets, starting with Android devices, it is also giving users more control over how ads are inserted into live streams with an update to its live control panel.