YouTube to provide support for online shopping, automatic video chapter, and much more in 2021

Google-owned and operated online video streaming platform YouTube announced earlier about the new update in 2021.

Neal Mohan, chief product officer for the company announced in a blog post explained that the platform will expand video chapters feature for relevant videos. The company is also proposing a redesign for YouTube VR.

He revealed that the platform will integrate 4k streaming add-on’s, offline viewing, and unlimited streams at home.

YouTube music is also reported to get more user-friendly with added mixes for day-to-day activities.

The platform also gets a more exclusive parent control feature that lets parents manually ad videos from their playlist to the kid’s account so they can be monitored and regulated.

Mr. Mohan also said that YouTube will include additional short video functionalities to meet the growing market set by rivals Tik Tok and Instagram reels.

The monetization policies of YouTube are also reported to have an update with more user-friendly policies that will benefit content creators.

 “Inspired by the success of Super Chat and Super Stickers for live streams, we’ve been testing a new applause feature that allows fans to show support for their favorite YouTube channels. This feature unlocks new monetization opportunities for creators’ uploads, and we’re looking forward to launching this more broadly to creators this year,”