Zayn Malik shared his look in Arnette Sunglasses after collaboration

Zayn Malik never fails to astonish fans with his new look every time. The way he dresses really impress all the ladies and even gentlemen too and he is one of those Hollywood singers who influence the lifestyle of his fans by the way he carries out outfits and other notable accessories that Zayn wears.

Recently, Zayn Malik has a catchy look in Arnette sunglasses with background lights of blue and red. Zayn was wearing a simple black sweatshirt with his round frames sunglasses by Arnette. Zayn Malik’s look was quite simple but yet killing.

And Zayn Malik is promoting this brand for a long time he has shared his different looks in Arnette sunglasses and given styling inspo to fans and influencers. Before these round-framed sunglasses, Zayn also shared a selfie in rectangular brown sunglasses and where he confirmed his collaboration with Arnette, a sunglasses brand

Previously, Arnette also shared Zayn Malik’s pick. their collection of sunglasses where you can find which one from Zayn’s pick suits your list and they showcased four kinds of sunglasses that you can shop from Arnette’s official website for online shopping. In their tweet Arnette says

White ich of Zayn Malik’s new collecollectionsyou? 1, 2, 3, or 4 ✘ #ZAYNxARNETTE

The Four types of sunglasses by Arnette from Type-Z ( Here Z may refer to Zayn) collection in which one is round-framed sunglasses and two of is rectangular carved in two different shade hazel brown and dark chocolate brown and forth one is sea-green glassed rectangular frame sunglasses for cool stud look.