Zomato clocks 4100 orders/minute on New Year’s Eve because of night curfews across India

The COVID-19 cases have been increasing day by day and with the kick start of New Year, many states across the country declared a night curfew, imposing Section 144. As people couldn’t step out after a certain time, there was a significant rise in online orders through food delivering apps.

Zomato alone crossed 3,200 orders per minute on New Year’s eve which was so shocking that even the Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal went to Twitter to address this, he tweeted, “Our order velocity right now is the highest we have seen in our life so far (approximately 2500 orders per minute). Surpassed India vs Pakistan day waala opm. And it’s only 6pm! I hope our tech lives through this”

In a series of tweet, the Zomato CEO informed about the orders per minute and advised people to order early in case their favourite restaurants close delivery.

Later, Goyal tweeted that data reveals Biryanis and Pizzas are topping the orders with 20k biryanis in transit and 16k pizzas which is extremely huge. He ended the series of a tweet by wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and informing people that the orders have increased to 4100 orders per minute.

Earlier this month, Zomato shared 2020 order data which showed that Zomato delivered 22 biryanis per minute in 2020 and pizza’s demand has also increased over the months, from 4.5 lakh pizza orders on may to 17 lakh orders in November.