Check Out These Different Types Of Pasta!

Pasta is a type of food typically made from an unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, and formed into sheets or other shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. Do you know all these types of pasta?

Gnocchi – Usually boiled and accompanied with rich sauces, these chewy small pasta dumplings are traditionally made from potatoes. Sauces with tomato or butter and herbs also work well.

Lasagna – The name for this long, wide noodle is also the name for the dish. Lasagna (the noodle) can be both flat or with curly edges. Lasagna is truly delicious.

Ravioli – These pillow-shaped squares of dough are mouthwatering. They can be served in soups, filled with cheese, shellfish, meat, or vegetables; drizzled with olive oil or topped with sauce.

Fusilli – This long, thick, spiral-shaped pasta adds an unexpected twist to any recipe that calls for spaghetti. Although it is frequently used in pasta salads, its crevices make it ideal for carrying thick sauces.

Linguine – They are significantly thicker than spaghetti and are long and flat. Clam sauce is the traditional accompaniment in Italian restaurants, but you may use it in any recipe that calls for spaghetti.

Farfalle – This pasta is fashioned perfectly like a butterfly and is referred to as “bow-tie” spaghetti in English. Since of its compact size and high surface area, this pasta goes well with a cheese sauce or a hearty tomato sauce because the ‘wings’ perfectly hold the sauce.

Shells – There are many different sizes of shell pasta. Use the largest shells in casseroles and with meat sauces, stuff the medium-sized shells with cheese and bake them like manicotti, and use the tiniest shells in soups and stews.