The chapter of Ram Setu finally comes to an end

A wrap-up for Ram Setu

Akshay Kumar exhibits a magnanimous range of film genres that are beyond the human thought process. People are very excited about his upcoming projects like Bachchan Pandey, OMG-Oh My God-2 and mostly recently Ram Setu just wrapped up shooting.

In his recent tweet, he mentioned that the film shooting has finally come to an end. In Ramayana to make Ram Setu, Lord Ram needed vaanar seena( monkeys) but his(Akshay Kumar) Ram Setu needed a team of actors, technicians, artists directors, and producers vaanar seena. We will see Jacqueline Fernandes and Nushrat Bharucha along with the Khiladi himself. Audiences and even actors are excited about this project. This is going to tempt people to come to theatres and watch history again with a twist.

If we look at the poster we might be curious to see Akshay in a new getup and hairstyle with the Vishnu avatar of Mariyaada Purshotam Ram. This could be the modern-day Ramayan that bridges disparities or uplight what is right or wrong.

For the readers, Ram Setu in mythological terms referred to the bridge that was constructed by the supports and devotees of Lord Ram by carving Shree Ram on the stones and constructing a bridge from the Dravidian region(Tamil Nadu) to Lanka (now Sri Lanka) to rescue his wife and kill the king of Lanka Raavana. Inclining towards the same concept we can assume the war of divine over evil.

Belief is something that binds us to a hopeful future. Is a myth or reality that Ram Setu existed. This could be just the beginning of something that is beyond us and beyond our eyes could see. Fans are very curious about the film to be released and much more to come.