New Doge Logo Unveilled by Twitter

The Doge mascot, a representation of the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which Musk has previously been a huge proponent of, has taken the place of the Twitter icon in the app.

Twitter Doge

Musk claims that this was based on an idea that was presented to him in the past.

Musk has a tonne of admirers who are constantly going to compliment his actions. But there’s little doubt that some investors and people connected to Tesla and SpaceX are concerned about Elon’s unorthodox management style at Twitter.

It’s possible that this is how he’s always conducted business at his other companies, and we’re only now witnessing some of these rash judgments in public. However, applying that to self-driving cars and rockets appears to provide more of a challenge.

The essential point is that Elon is amusing himself even if the company’s price has dropped by more than 50% and its income has decreased at a comparable rate.