Cloudflare outrage- Zerodha, Upstox, Canva and many other websites down, check out the details here!!

Cloudflare, a global leader in the Internet networking has had outrage issues with its core API services which runs millions of websites worldwide. Many websites are now experiencing internal errors, timeout issues, 500,522 errors while browsing.

Popular websites like Zerodha, Upstox, Canva, Omegle, Discord, Urban Company are also facing the same issue because of the outrage. Users are facing login difficulties, and crashes on these sites. Social media got stormed with tweets about the issue and people vented out their frustration. Some of them  were scared if they are the only ones facing the issue  so leading companies issued official statement regarding this.

Urban Company said, ” Hello all, our DNS partner, Cloudflare is currently experiencing issues in India due to which Urban Company app and website are temporarily inaccessible.”

Zerodha also confirmed the same by saying, “”We are getting reports of intermittent connectivity issues on Kite via the Cloudflare network for users on certain ISPs. We are taking this up with Cloudflare. In the meanwhile, please try using an alternate internet connection.”

Cloudfare acknowledged the issue and took to their twitter account to assure the users that the issue will get resolved very soon. They said, “Cloudflare is investigating widespread issues with our services and/or network. Users may experience errors or timeouts reaching Cloudflare’s network or services. The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.”

Check out how users reacted to this incident below:

However, Cloudflare gave an update to the users that the issue has been resolved and they can now access all the websites without facing any difficulty.