Seeking mental therapy is not a shame; Know the types of therapy

Therapy is the word that we often come across this now normal for us to say Music therapy, food ttherapy, traveling therapy but what does this word Therapy mean? Therapy actually means something that reconciles you in front of any kind of suffering whether it is mental or physical. But the word is quite mistaken by some trends on social media, youngsters take this as something that gives them some pleasure and relaxation they are not incorrect but also they are not fully correct. The concept is far beyond than pleasure and relaxation. It means overall reconciliation from the whole traumas and sufferings, not just on the surface of problems. The goal of therapy is to cure you inside out to make peace within music, travel, food all these can help at some very moment, not for the whole life. That’s why consulting a psychiatrist is important, Mental Illness is common and every third person is suffering from it. But the problem is if the suffering is physical we take preventive measures as soon as possible but when it comes to mental illness we overlook and bypass the concept. This is why we undergo constant unhappiness struggles to fit in society, self-recognition, and inner peace.

But to cure one needs to know of what he is suffering from because every problem has the solution of It’s kind, same with mental illness each trauma is backed with a different kind of therapy. We just need to figure out which one is for us.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) :

Cognitive behavior therapy majorly focus on the “here and now” concept it time-bounded one. It studied on your situational crisis, circumstances that made you this kind, like childhood traumas, past life bad experiences, toxic relationships with parents, partners, or anyone who has been a great part of your life it includes your working life too. And how all these affected your mindset, the pattern of thinking, your perspective for the world and the people, the way you work, and often feel confusion in thoughts, CBT therapy helps you to make better focus and understanding of things with a clear mindset and a calm mind and make you more precise about goals.


Counseling is done with a specialist, a psychiatrist who works as a mediator between you and your problems, Counselors. Counselors listen to all your problems and try to figure best possible solution from them which is most suitable and preferable for them as per your condition. Although it is totally thoughts sharing based bit when the condition of a patient becomes more critical or unfavorable counselors suggest some medicines in very rare cases.

Humanistic Therapy :

Humanistic therapy concentrates on the theories and practices which is examined before, otherwise, generally, therapy is done with unique solutions for unique problems but this method analyzes the situation and gives a theory-based solution for the problem.

Mindfulness-based therapies :

As the name is, Mindfulness is the best way to process your thought and channel them in the most uuseful way. To revive them, analyze them, and change them according to time, situation and person. This Mindfulness therapy will make you observe your thoughts and upbringing of feelings and how to change them accordingly. This therapy includes some sub therapies which are Mindfulness-based streets reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and dialectic behavior therapy (DBT)

Interpersonal Therapy :

The idea of this therapy is that your problems are generated by any person it is associated with any person who caused you any type of harm mentally or physically and that’s why that damage and trauma shaped your mental illness in this shape. Where you can no longer interact with people like before you do or process your thoughts, and prioritize what is necessary and why is not. Certainly, you become more of a sad, depressed, and lost person who seeks help from others and is afraid to ask because you believe they will harm you again.


These are the problem of the so very main cause with the solution if you’re relating any word which is mentioned above in any type of therapy please choose to get this chore done. Because it affects your efficiency, personal life, professional life everything. Each type is certified by the specialist so you do not need to worry about the consequence they will be in favor and help you the most in this battle with yourself. So try to stay calm, relaxed, and focused and diagnose your mental illness if you’re feeling that way there is something wrong with you.